Publishing with Salt Water Media


Different Types of publishing

There are different roads an author can take to the ultimate destination of a published book. A traditional publisher will pay the author for the work, handle the marketing and promotion, and assume responsibility for building the book and issuing royalties. It's the dream gig, but not every author will be able to take this path. This is where a good self-publisher can help. The author will have to foot the bill, but the work gets to live with the control residing with the author. 

Salt Water Media

We use the self-publishing model, and we have designed several packages and put together a list of services to help our clients achieve the best possible results for their work. Just because we self-publish our work doesn't mean that it has to look like we did it a copy center. Books should be properly edited and have well-thought out interiors and covers. Self-published authors may not make the NYT Best Sellers list, but our goal is to help self-publishing authors create great outcomes.

Options at SWM

We have worked hard to bring a variety of publishing services and products to the table for our clients. In our Berlin office, we have Amelia, an Espresso Book Machine. It will print, bind, and trim a paperback book in about five minutes. Want to see your book come to life in front of your eyes? We can make that happen! We also have an established relationship with Ingram, which allows us to print color interiors and print paperback and hardback books and upload titles to Amazon and book sellers like Barnes and Noble and indie book stores. 

Ready To Get Started?

First, we've designed a welcome packet for our clients to review. You can download it here. 

Second, once you've selected a package, we request a minimum 50% deposit and a signed contract to get started. You can see a sample contract here.