The Nicotine Kid and Other Stories

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cover only Nicotine.jpeg

The Nicotine Kid and Other Stories


In The Nicotine Kid and Other Stories, you will find:

The Nicotine Kid - An aging stroke victim revisits his childhood memories revealing his father's youthful time as a sideshow freak.

Catching Ditties Makes Me Sick - A private in the Army Security Agency endures the mind bending impact of learning Morse Code.

Die Neue Welt - An international art exposition draws together characters from across the globe who try to sort the meaning of life and love against a background of art that is unexplainable with local history too terrible to contemplate.

Miscarriage - a young boy discovers the pain of growing up poor and powerless in America.

Plantation - There is just something about the smell of chicken shit.

On the Road to Damascus - A boxer is enlightened about the structure of his hometown.

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