"Ministering Through Poetry" by Gwen G. Harris


"Ministering Through Poetry" by Gwen G. Harris


What an easy and exciting way to praise the Lord!

Most Christians seek to improve their relationship with God and 'Ministering Through Poetry: The Joy Behind The Smile' offers inspiration and a unique approach to applauding His goodness. This collection of poems is especially useful as a supplement during church activities or times of quiet, personal reflection. It takes you beyond the formality of a church and allows for individual meditation, praise, and worship. Through prayers, encouragement and straight talk you will gain a sense of peace and renew or reaffirm you Christian commitment.

  • Experience true self-examination by reading poems that open up an unexpected and comfortable avenue for praise.
  • Share in the words that eloquently give God such well-deserved honor and love.
  • Be prepared to identify and put into practive some of the common sense suggestions found in the book.
  • Let this poetry be a guide and building block towards growth.

God is real and so are the tears, prayers and quiet heartfeld writings that unifies us all.

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